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Products and Services

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Ornamental Welded Products

Custom welded aluminum or steel ornamental fence, railing and gates for residential and commercial applications. From design, engineering, fabrication and installation: nobody comes close to our creativity and final quality. If you can dream it, we can create it!

Mechanical Aluminum Railing and Fence

Standard HR-10 railing products along with various style variations are available in a more affordable budget for your yard, pool or entryway. Our supplier is local and we stock thousands of feet of the most common styles in our warehouse.

PVC (Vinyl) Fence

We sell and install the highest quality PVC fence products available on the market today. Only heavy wall posts .25” to .375” wherever possible. We do not sell or install any thin wall material unlike the two large home improvement stores. All styles are available in White and some available in Beige. The “No Maintenance” Lifetime Warranty fence can’t be beat.

Custom Built Wood Fence

Everything is built onsite without any pre-fabricated panels used on your property ever. All gates are built with a foundation of welded galvanized steel framing that we fabricate in house. This eliminates sagging in the gate and prevents the latch from disengaging. Most contractors do not have the ability to create welded steel frames for their gates. Some provide knockoff versions that are not welded but mechanically fastened steel frames. These are also inferior to a welded frame. Don’t accept imitations when you can have the real thing.

Chain Link

Galvanized or vinyl coated chain link is the available for residential and commercial applications and is the standard for low wind resistance fence. We will determine the best quality mesh, framing and hardware to fit your needs and the options that may be necessary based on your reasons for fencing your property in the first place.

Miscellaneous Welded Products

We also create custom welded products that are not related to the fence/railing industry. From custom furniture, artwork and garden products to large beams and structural welding for commercial applications we can handle it all. Just give us a call and we will help you with anything you need.