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ornamental welded products, mechanical aluminum railing and fence, pvc vinyl fence install fence, insured fence contractor, fence work family owned and operated, professionalism, reputation We are a BBB “Accredited” member with a very rare A+ rating.

Building Permits

We ALWAYS pull permits for our work when it is legally necessary. Our professional integrity does not bend. Anyone who tells you that you do not need to pull a permit for a fence install, or asks you to pull your own, is not a licensed fence contractor, has lost his license, insurance or privileges to pull permits in your city or he knows his work will not pass inspections. All fence installations require a permit by law.

Subcontract Labor

Fence contracting companies typically utilize a pool of subcontracted installers. Most, if not all, of these individuals are unlicensed, uninsured, unsupervised, unskilled and/or undocumented laborers paid under the table illegally. Unfortunately, who you hire is not always who you get with many other contractors. We NEVER have and NEVER will use subcontract installers for any of our work.


You will notice that price is listed last. The reason for this is simple. As illustrated, there are so many important factors in deciding which contractor to hire. Saving money on the front end can sometimes cost you on the back end. We run a professional, quality organization and our price reflects what is needed to keep our company legal and our standards high. If you have a question about our pricing please feel free to contact our offices.

Keep in mind, a competitor who runs his business using illegal and unlicensed subcontract labor will be cheaper than it is for us to run our business legally and all on the books. Our prices are usually mid range in comparison with other "legally run" contractors.

Keep in mind; you get what you pay for in most instances. We also do not typically match low bids. We can not afford to lower our standards and provide the same level of customer service, product quality and expertise our customers have come to expect.