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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need a permit to install a fence on my property even though I am replacing a fence already on my property?

YES – You always need a permit for fence work according to the city building departments. There are some minor repairs that can be done without a permit but these types of repairs are rare. Keep in mind, a permit is not permission to own a fence. It is an approval process requiring review from many departments at the city and then an inspection process of the finished fence. Zoning, structural and electrical are some of the departments that may need to inspect your fence.

Do I need to get approval from my Homeowners Association to install a fence on my property?

YES – You should get your approval regardless of whether or not your city requires that we submit the HOA approval along with the permit application. There have been instances where Associations have placed liens on homes that did not get approval for a structure.

Where on my property am I allowed to install a fence?

DEPENDS ON YOUR CITY, DRAINAGE DISTRICT AND HOA – Each of these entities has their own rules regarding setbacks, type, color and height restrictions for fence on your property. We will handle the city and drainage but it is best for you to obtain the information from your HOA first since their rules change frequently.

Why do I need to hire a licensed and insured contractor and how do I check out the contractors before calling to get an estimate?

If you don’t hire a licensed and insured contractor your fence most likely will not be built to code and may have structural failure in the future. Your city’s Code Enforcement department could issue a citation with fines because of the lack of quality of the fence and/or the fact that it would was not built with an approved permit. If you then went on your own and obtained an “After the Fact” permit, there may be significant fines/fees associated and the fence may not pass inspection because an unlicensed contractor probably does not know what he is doing in the first place. Don’t take chances - call all of the entities below and ask the appropriate questions.

Broward County Board Central Examining Boards for contractors 954-831-4000.

Better Business Bureau or call 561-842-1918 or 954-431-4900.

Also, contact your City Building Department.

We never cut corners on our materials and/or craftsmanship.